Viber pour samsung galaxy s4 mini

It is fingerprint and smudge resistant, and looks gorgeous with most designs. The Gloss finish is a shiny finish that gives Skins an expensive, classy and sophisticated look like a really shiny car.

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Viber problem. Disconnected. Messages and calls are unavailable

Matching designs Select a design, then select the device that you would like to style. What's the difference between Matte and Gloss? Matte vs Gloss The Matte finish is a non-glossy, satin-type finish that give Skins an arty look and feel art pieces, professional photos, canvases are usually matte. Please note: This is a Skin for your case. Among her best articles are: Log In via Login Sign Up. Home Articles Community My Profile. Article Edit Discuss.

Viber App for Samsung

Questions and Answers. Let's give a single press to the lock screen button on the right side of the phone. Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help. Now, we're going to swipe across the screen, unlock, tap or use any other method you may have, such as a PIN, a fingerprint, or a pattern.

How to Install Viber App on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Then what we're going to do is we are going to look for the Viber application. One tap on Viber will open it up. You can see that we have a number of different settings on our Viber phone. What we want to find is our master control, so tap the More icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Account Options

Now, we are going to go down to Settings. Under Settings, we have several options. In this case, we are going to tap Deactivate Account. A screen will appear stating, Choosing Deactivate will remove your data from Viber and deactivate Viber from all of your devices. This is what we want to do, so tap on deactivate.

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Now, to remove Viber, we are going to press and hold the Viber icon. Then we are going to drag that up to the Uninstall icon that will appear at the top of the screen.

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A prompt will appear on the screen that says Uninstall application, and underneath that, Viber will be uninstalled. Now, to confirm that Viber has been uninstalled we will tap on the Apps icon. Now, our phone is restarting in order to complete the removal of Viber and all associated and related components. In one moment, our phone will be turned back on. Let's double tap our Apps, and let's scroll over and confirm that indeed Viber is no longer there. Now, we can press on our Home button which is the black button at the bottom of the phone.

My Samsung phone won't deactivate Viber. Under privacy policy where deactivate should be, it is not?